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Our environment being the mother of all food, we incorporate our Food & Agriculture mission projects with a range of societal components for an improved production and distribution structure:
Social Credit Bureau

While the three U.S. Credit Bureaus focus on what the credit consumer earns, owes, and owns in view of establishing some level of loan risk appreciation, we have developed an social currency to reward givers, sponsors, volunteers, and philanthropists to offer a more complete overview of the loan or mortgage applicant's valued service in the community.

Neighborhood Micro-Economy
Political Research for Law Making

As the economy needs a re-launching, we are seizing the opportunities to reshape some of the elements of our economy so as to reduce pollution, increase recycling, promote health, and rething distribution in harmony with the needs of all levels and areas of our communities.

Law Crafting based on Community Needs

Traditionally law planning and crafting have been the result of leadership lobbying and negotiation with the administration. The coronavirus pandemic is opening new opportunities: we are currently participating in the re-designing of our food production-to-distribution system to face our re-shaped communities.

We are presently assessing COVID-19-related societal research projects. In the framework of this study, we welcome your expertise and contribution. Please, contact us via the form if you wish to become a contributor.

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